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Banjo Swivel And Fittings

    Detailed Description

    Definition: A Banjo Fitting is consist of Elbow, Tee or Cross connector, hollow blot, O-rings for blot stud, two sealing methods of port, one is soft sealing ring, another one is metal sealing ring or brass washer. Metric Banjo couplings are commonly found in high pressure mobile hydraulic system such as excavator, loader, forklift, truck etc. DIN fitting end is standard of 24 deg cone connector to hose assembly, seamless pipe or adapters.Methods of Banjo Couplings Assembly: Compared to elbow, tee or cross fittings adjustable locknut type, banjo adapters having a smaller circular section; easier to be rotated relative the connector, only need to tighten the blot to assembly independently by the torque wrench .?Picture of Banjo Coupling