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Hydraulic Fittings DIN Union

  • Product NameHydraulic Fittings DIN Union
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    1. Definition: DIN 24°cone connections is according to standard of DIN 3861/ISO 8434-1dimension, it is German DIN(DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIAL NORME) type. Union type require the all tube end size is the same as DIN 3861 required 24 deg cone from tube to tube.2. Methods of DIN hydraulic fittings connection, the metric male has a 24°seat, will mate with two kind of female(Nut+cutting ring bite ferrule+pipe and DKO Swivel) show as chart:? ?3. Advantages of DIN tube fittings as follows:● Good Sealing connections, to remain leak free under various service of high pressure hydraulic fluids, Pneumatic, Lubrication and coupling system for Agricultural, Equipment, Process and engineering.?● Easy to re-usability, tube fittings can be reassembled many times to facilitate maintenance.● Popularity world wide, Bite type design has worldwide acceptance especial in Europe and China, Most popular fittings for metric tube.?4. Standards of Material, Surface, Clearness etc Specification:● Material: Carbon Steel Fittings-GB/T 699-2015 material no. 35 and 45. Stainless Steel Fittings GB/T 3280-2015 304/06Cr19Ni10 316/ 06Cr17Ni12Mo2 Brass Fittings GB/T 5231-2012 HPb59-1.● Surface Finish-steel fittings standard is Zinc clear plated Chrome 6 free surface protection procedure in accordance with DIN 267 part 9 or DIN 5094.?● Hydraulic fluid power, Cleanliness of parts and components, Inspection document and principles related to contaminant collection, analysis, and data reporting as per ISO 18413.5. Dimensions of 24°cone End (DIN 3865/ISO 8434-1)6. Performance Function of DIN 24°tube fittings and adapters?● Shapes are available in 45°, 90°, Straight, Tee and Cross.?● Tube Connection systems to DIN fittings adapter, Hose assembly, Metric and Inch Tube.● Working Pressure series are LL/L/S Series selection.